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RETERNITY: Luxury streetwear on the rise

Not only internationally, more and more streetwear brands are celebrating great successes and are taking a cue from Supreme and other US brands, but also in Germany the hype around sold-out collections like those of the labels 6PM and Peso is increasing more and more. A new player in the German game is the luxury streetwear brand Reternity, which has now launched its largest collection under the title 'Dramatic Madness'.

Why the future starts from RETERNITY

It originates from the intuition of Tom Schmidt and Lauren Riedel, two friends and young self-made entrepreneurs who started creating the first t-shirts by printing them from their homes and then decided to make a luxury streetwear brand out of it that offers minimalistic cool apparel like sweatshirts, tops, jeans, trousers and accessories, among others.

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RETERNITY Releases the 'Dramatic Madness' Collection

German-based brand RETERNITY just dropped their biggest collection to date. Returning to the streetwear realm with a renewed instalment of fits for their fan base and fellow urban fashion fans, last Sunday hosted the release of 16 new and unique items. Long story short if your AW22 wardrobe could do with an update, RETERNITY has got you covered.

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Serving up their latest offering for your perusal, German streetwear label RETERNITY recently debuted their ‘TELL ME HOW’ collection which is set to release this coming Sunday.

Comprising a concise selection of just twelve products, the release of two shirts, three hoodies, one crewneck, one waistcoat, one jacket, three trousers and a cap perpetuates the label’s penchant for delivering wares with unique details, constructed using high-quality fabrics. This time around, pieces feature the likes of lettering made of buttons, printing in puff print method or special embroidery details at the hem, maintaining a distinct aesthetic while reflecting the duo designer’s timeless, contemporary approach.

Check out some shots of what’s on offer below and shop your favourites exclusively via the brand’s website from this Sunday, August 14th.

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RETERNITY To Release the 'TELL ME HOW' Collection

Whether you’re looking for a new label to add to your streetwear repertoire or already refreshing the RETERNITY Instagram, dressed in their last drop, here’s everything you need to know about the new ‘TELL ME HOW’ collection, landing this Sunday.

The German brand and its rapidly expanding cult following seem to have found its way onto streets across Europe, from its home cities, Berlin and Hamburg, to fashion capitals of London and Milan, transforming the scene with every new release. Their signature? Think minimalism mixed with brutalist aesthetics and detail-oriented graphics.



RETERNITY Unveil Brand New Collection ‘No Heaven Without Death’

"No Heaven Without Death."

Reternity’s foundations are rooted in northern Germany, where it was founded in 2018 by two friends. For the brand, a style of immortality is created by the art of reflecting one’s personality and image through outfits, inspired by intricate detail and freedom. Though it may be a lengthy yet inspiring procedure, it creates an eternal process backed by Reternity’s ethos.

‘No Heaven Without Death’ is Reternity’s latest collection, which consists of eleven new pieces. As its name suggests, the brand aims to convey the idea that achieving goals always involves some sort of compromise. Embracing a goal with full dedication has been entrenched in the brand since its inception.

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RETERNITY - How these two guys want to build the most famous streetwear brand in Germany

"Our big vision: we want to become the most in-demand streetwear brand in Germany," Reternity co-founder Tom Schmidt confidently tells OMR. "We want to create especially high-quality products with minimalist lines." Schmidt co-founded Reternity in 2018 with his buddy Lauren Riedel. "We don't have backgrounds in marketing or fashion. We just found self-employment exciting," the says. In the meantime, despite their lack of experience, the two have managed to build a streetwear brand with nearly 100,000 Instagram followers and seven-figure sales.

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RETERNITY - modern streetwear for eternity

Tom and Lauren are fashion enthusiasts and are well on their way to turning their hobby into a profession. RETERNITY stands for modern streetwear of high quality and with trendy cuts. A highly competitive market, that much is certain. In order to assert themselves in the growing streetwear scene, the guys from RETERNITY rely on passion and uncompromising commitment. Without any previous knowledge to speak of, Tom and Lauren launched their first online store in 2018, at the time under a different name. Both of them sacrifice every free minute to familiarize themselves with the worlds of e-commerce and online marketing. They invest countless hours studying YouTube tutorials and other learning materials. This thirst for knowledge is rewarded with a steep learning curve, but is also accompanied by setbacks. How do you actually have a conversation with investors? Experiences like these are important for every founder, whether successful or not.

RETERNITY - T-Shirts inside the hearts

Nobody can deny that steetwear is becoming more and more important. From northern Germany comes the label RETERNITY. With a mixture of cool and high quality it wants to conquer its place in the market. At the heart of the brand are T-shirts with retail prices ranging from 29.99€ to 44.99€, which will be expanded step by step into a complete look. The four main collections are complemented by various drops.

RETERNITY - About the brand

The founders of the German streetwear brand Reternity, Tom and Lauren, have a big goal in mind: timeless clothing pieces for eternity. Their art is to reflect their own personality and the style they wear and celebrate privately in their collections at Reternity. Inspired by the love of detail and the feeling of freedom, they create very strong pieces, which are usually sold out very quickly. The two founders already had their logo tattooed on their forearms a few years ago.

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